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Memphis Chinese School

School Policies:

MCS Registration and Tuition Policy


1.       Registration

-   Early (online) registration. Parents are encouraged to complete early (online) registration. As an incentive, a registration fee of $10 is waived if online registration is completed by the due time. The early registration is closed 3 days before the first day of school.

-   A fee of $10 is required for any on-site registration.

2.       Tuition. If you enroll in the middle of the semester, you need to pay full tuition if you enroll before the 8th Chinese class or the 7th elective class. After that, pay 50% of the full tuition.

3.       Payment. Balance due to the school has to be paid in full before your child can attend any class.

4.       Refund.

-   For regular 12 to 15 session classes, students can get full refund after the first session, 75% after the 2nd session, 50% after the 3rd session and no refund after the 4th session.

-   For classes with fewer sessions, only 1 free trial and 50% for the second trial.

Class changes. You need to notify the school admin before Wednesday following your trial class. Changing classes is considered dropping one class and adding another one. Changing from one Chinese class to another Chinese class is not considered class change. 


Memphis Chinese School 孟菲斯中文学校 – Highland 校区

Code of Conduct for Parents and Students



1.      You have to agree to the terms and sign the Code of Conduct for Parents and Students before your kid(s) can be admitted to the Memphis Chinese School (MCS) – Highland.


2.      Memphis Chinese School is a non-profit organization.  All parents voluntarily send their child(ren) to Memphis Chinese School and waive all liability claims against the Memphis Chinese School, its volunteer personnel and its host facilities Highland Church of Christ at 400 N Houston Levee Road, Cordova TN) for any injury, accidents or other unexpected incidents during the school hours or school activities outside school hours.

孟菲斯中文学校是非盈利机构。 家长自愿送孩子来中文学校念书。家长放弃诉讼学校及工作人员的权利。

3.      For regular 13 to 15 session classes, students can get full refund after the first session, 75% after the 2nd session, 50% after the 3rd session and no refund after the 4th session. For classes with fewer sessions, only 1 free trial and 50% for the second trial. Only for very special situation, can this rule be adjusted.


4.      Drop off and pick up children in the designated classroom on time.


5.      Remind children to take good care of Highland Church facility and not touch any Highland Church belongings without permission.


6.      Parents are responsible for their children’s study at home. Parents should help and monitor the children to complete homework, test preparation and other assigned activities. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher or principal about their children’s study.


7.      Parents have rights to raise concerns or suggestions for teaching and school management. Please send your opinions to school administration team or board members. At the same time, parents are encouraged to volunteer for school work.


 8.      MCS is a school environment that requires appropriate school attires.


 9.      You are responsible for your kid’s behaviors in the school.  You are obligated to pay for the fines and damages resulted from your kid’s behavior.


 10.  Balance due to the school has to be paid in full before your child can attend any class.


 11.  MCS reserves the right to discipline and suspend your child if his/her behaviors do not meet the MCS requirements.  No tuition refund in this case.


 12.  You may stay in the designated area during the class period, or may leave and return to pick up your child at the end of the school session.


 13.  All students must stay in the classrooms or designated location, except for bathroom breaks or during commuting between classes.


 14.  Running, screaming or yelling is strictly prohibited in the building.


 15.  Hanging around or roaming throughout the building is not allowed. 


 16.  Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all time when not attending classes.


 17.  Classrooms are only for classes.  Using any classroom needs Principal’s approval.


 18.  Respect others’ properties.  No touching on decorations around the school.  Students can only use the desks and chairs.  Touching other equipments, going through or using any item in the desk drawers and cabinets is strictly prohibited.


 19.  Rearranging furniture is not allowed without teachers’ permission.  Return the furniture to its original location after use.   


 20.  Please keep the school clean.  Littering will result in fines.  Keep the bathrooms clean and dry.


 21.  Absolutely no food or drink in the building.  Water fountains are available.


 22.  Verbal warning will be given for violations of the school rules.  If this is not immediately corrected, a $5 fine will be leveraged.


 23.  In order to enforce school and classroom rules, MCLS will assign Parent-On-Duty for every class.  If you are assigned to a class and you are not able to perform this duty, a $10 classroom service fee will be charged for every assigned classroom duty.  If you are assigned to a class and you fail to show up, you will be charged $10 fine in addition to the $10 classroom fee.  Each student will be charged a $30 deposit during registration.


 19.    If you are assigned to a class, you need to stay with the class the whole time. All the following items in this code will also apply to you.


 20.    You should sign the Classroom Usage Log if you serve as a Parent-On-Duty.


 21.    You should arrive at the classroom 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the class if you serve as a Parent-On-Duty.


 22.    Students should be in a single file, walking quietly in the hall way.  Touching walls is strictly prohibited.


 23.    If the teacher allows a bathroom or water break, you should accompany the student(s) according to the rules.


 24.    You are responsible to help the teacher to enforce the classroom rules.


 25.    The teacher can assign you tasks to keep the classroom in order.


 26.    After the class, you should make sure floor is clean and things are in order as they were


 27.    Your assignment is not completed until all students either be transferred to the next class or be picked up by adults.



Name (Print)

家长姓名 (正楷)   ____________________


签字                                              _____________________


日期                                              ____________________


Keeping our Children Safe

1.  No running in hall ways. 

2.  No playing in cabinets

3.  No standing on furniture. 

4.  Children cannot be left alone in a classroom unattended.

5.  Children must be supervised on the playground by an adult. 

6.  Adults must monitor the halls between classes.  

7.  Students must be picked up by an adult immediately following class.  Students should not be hanging out in hallways and in lobby unattended. 

8.  Students should not touch or disturb items in the classrooms.  

9.  Students must not throw mulch on the playground.

10. Students should not put hands in fish tank or in bird cage. 

11.  Students should not bang the doors open as they head outside. Again, they should be accompanied by a parent before going outside. 

12.  Students should only enter rooms that are open and attended by an adult. 


Questions or comments mcls.highland@gmail.com