Administration Team

Principal: Chunrong Jia (贾纯荣), Ph.D.

Dr. Jia is currently associate professor of environmental health in School of Public Health, University of Memphis. His research is focused on human exposure to air pollutants and the associated health effects. He is a JPB-Harvard Environmental Health Fellow. Dr. Jia is a lover, follower, and advocate of Chinese cultures and traditions. As principal of MCS, he oversees the administration and operation of the school, and outreaches academics and communities to increase the visibility of MCS and promote Chinese learning in Memphis.

校长贾纯荣博士目前为孟菲斯大学公共卫生学院环境健康副教授, 从事空气污染和人体健康风险研究,被遴选为哈佛大学环境健康Fellow。 贾博士倾心中国文化、醉心国学国粹、热心中文教育,倡导胸怀天下、心系中华。 作为校长,他全面主持学校的管理和运作,并积极外联,增加中文学校的影响力和推动中文教学。

Assistant Principal: William Wu (吴晖云), Ph.D., M.Sc.

Hello, there! My name is William Wu. And I am the dad of a daughter of 8 who also studies at MCS. I have been serving MCS since 2014. My major responsibilities are assisting the Principal and working with the 2 directors in managing the school under the mission that we can provide better learning experience for our children. I enjoy the time with children studying and playing in the school, and appreciate the opportunity to serve the community.

I have Ph.D. in Public Health and a Master in Biostatistics. I currently work at St. Jude as Sr. Lead Statistician.

Academic Director: Yiping Fan (樊一平), Ph.D.

Academic Director: Jin He (贺瑾)

Hi! My name is Jin He and I have two daughters who graduated from Chinese School many years ago, and now it is my honor to come back to serve our school again. This year, we will continue to offer our Chinese Language Course (马立平中文教材), as well as Chinese cultural enrichment opportunities such as Chinese traditional dance (民族舞) and Wushu( 武术). We will also work with the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis (孔子学院) to prepare students for Chinese proficiency tests. With all of these resources, we hope that our teachers and students will succeed in our Chinese School!

Accountant: Wenmei Dong (董文梅)

My name is Wenmei Dong. I have two boys in 1st and 2nd grade. I started helping Memphis Chinese School in 2016, specifically in accounting perspective. It’s an honor to be part of this community team. At the same time, a great motivation for me and my kids continue learning Chinese. I encourage every parent offer a helping hand, regardless big or small to make our community a great place to be for all.

I graduated from University of Texas at Dallas. I am currently working for FedEx as Business Planning Advisor.

Treasurer: Ying Wang (王莺)

Web admin: Mark Jinan Chen (陈吉楠), Ph.D.

Hi there, I am very glad to serve as the web admin of MCS. I am a clincial scientist at St Jude Children's Research Hospital. I have a 3.5-year daughter who will start her journey at MCS in fall 2017. I hope my dedication can help MCS provide better services to your children and family.