(Memphis Chinese School-Parent Teacher Association)

A bridge between Memphis Chinese School and students and parents


What is our goal
MCS-PTA is a great way for parent leaders to help make Memphis Chinese School Great. We encourage parents to support teachers by getting involved in or organizing school events and to help in improving school programs and policies.
Why you should join
By joining the PTA, you are joining with others who value their children’s Chinese education. Through the PTA, you will become more connected to the school, discover great resources, and speak up for effective change.
How MCS-PTA works
We will have one to two parent representatives for each grade in the PTA, a main member to build up a wechat group, and that parent in each grade to help build up their wechat sub-groups. Important school information and events will go through the main PTA group and then sub groups to reach each parent. Grade specific events will be discussed within the sub groups. If needed, the main group will collect the important information and bring forth to the school board.


We have our PTA website, and we want you to be well-informed by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

  • Lectures for how to help
  • Regular teacher-parents meeting
  • Regular school board-PTA meeting
  • Chinese culture festival
  • Teacher appreciation day (Thanksgiving)
  • Christmas gift for teacher
  • Teacher-students-parents outing
  • Parents-students fun night (ice-cream)


  • PTA: 李立源, 周平
  • Pre-K: 韩莉, 张梦蕾
  • K: 沈怡清
  • 一年级: Michelle
  • 二年级: 郭姗姗, Nanjia
  • 三年级: 赵晓林, 张秋野
  • 四年级: 侯璇, Joy
  • 五年级: 庄小英, Joey He
  • 六年级: 曾富
  • 七年级: Yao Fang

Teacher Appreciation Day